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Do You Have High Interest Rate Auto Loans?

Refinancing your vehicle with a ServU Credit Union auto loan may be the answer!

What’s involved?

When refinancing a loan you are essentially borrowing to repay an earlier debt with terms that reduce your monthly payment or give you more time to pay. A lower interest rate could save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan while an extended loan term may make your monthly payments more affordable.

How to get started:

Contact your current lender and request a loan pay-off amount. You will also want to gather your insurance information and a copy of the vehicle title. Bring this information to a ServU Credit Union loan specialist to start your application. You may also be able to take advantage of our low cost life, disability or GAP insurances to protect your family and your investment.

Experience our Auto Loans!

Check with the Credit Union before you finance with the dealer. Dealer financing of 0% sounds great; however, if you finance with the Credit Union and take the rebate offer you may save the most money.

Your credit union offers these great benefits on auto loans:

  • Pre-Qualified loans
  • Up to 115% financing, including taxes, title, tags and extended warranties
  • Terms and rates to fit almost any budget
  • Summer skip payment option during July and August
  • Pocket your payment option during the winter months
  • Loan rates not determined by your credit score
  • Payroll deduction
  • Low cost credit life and disability insurance
  • Friendly, competent employees you can trust

Tax Advantage Auto Loans

The Tax Advantage Auto Loan is a regular automobile loan with a lien against the vehicle and a mortgage lien against your residence. The advantage of this loan is that you MAY be able to claim the interest paid on your automobile loan as a tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of the interest. This loan offers the same rate & term as our regular auto loans. No appraisal or title work is required on the property. The member is responsible for all costs associated with this loan. These fees vary depending on the amount of the loan.

View our current rates.

Rates and promotions subject to change at any time, loan approval subject to lending guidelines, new money only, eligibility required.