Youth Education

The Vault Bath High SchoolServU believes that financial literacy education is valuable for all, even our youngest community members. Learning how to make smart money choices at a young age helps make the transition into adulthood less stressful and more successful! 

To support financial literacy education at our local schools, ServU offers the following programs: 

Cash in the Classroom: ServU will provide a classroom speaker generally in the middle school or high school setting. Topics include: Banking Basics, Careers in Banking, Math & Money, Lending Basics, Budgeting, Checkbooks, Identity Theft and more! 

Mad City Money: An interactive reality fair event for high school students which teaches important budgeting and consumer buying skills. Students are given an "identity" including a job, family situation and expenses. They must balance their budget while being enticed to purchase extras such as concert tickets, extended warranties, vacations, etc. Students are then given time to reflect on their decisions and analyze what they could do better in the future. 

Student-Run Credit Union Branch: Students provide faculty and classmates with basic financial services at a credit union office within the school building. Training for student tellers puts an emphasis on money handling skills, professionalism, confidentiality and member service. Student tellers will gain valuable hands on work experience that they will be able to include on future college and job applications. 

Over 40 classrooms and 1090 students received financial literacy education from ServU staff in 2019. We look to build on that reach in 2020. If you are interested in having a presentation in your classroom or school, contact the Marketing department at or call 1-800-443-0663. All programs are provided free of charge.