Instead of carrying around multiple store cards, just take your ServU Visa Credit Card and know that you are getting a great deal and a great rate! View our rates page for credit costs and terms.

You can access your ServU Visa Card information here with EZ Card Info.

Classic Visa Card

  • Available limit up to $10,000
  • Cash advances have same interest rate as regular purchases

Student Visa Card

The student Visa card is for those students in high school or college that need the convenience and peace of mind of having a credit card.

  • This card requires a credit worthy adult, over 21 years of age, to be jointly responsible
  • Student must be at least 16 years old
  • Credit limit $200 to $1000

Secured Visa Card

The secured Visa card is available to members who may not have an extensive credit history, and are looking for a credit card to help establish credit. There are two possibilities for secured Visa cards.

Share Secured

  • Requires that shares equal to the authorized credit limit be held on deposit with the credit union
  • Credit limit will be equal to the amount pledged in the share account

Co-signer Secured

  • This card requires a credit worthy adult, over 21 years of age, to be jointly responsible
  • Credit limit $200 to $800 (Special circumstances for higher limits may be reviewed)

Credit Insurance Program

As a credit union member, you now have the opportunity to elect Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance on your credit union Visa card. Insurance is voluntary, not required. If elected, Credit Life Insurance will pay the insured balance on your VISA if you die. Joint Credit Life is also available to insure the lives of you and a second card holder, who is jointly and equally responsible for payment of your VISA card. Credit Disability Insurance can make that minimum monthly payment on your VISA if you become totally and continuously disabled. Disability benefits are payable for the duration stated in your VISA contract. The monthly premiums are calculated on your outstanding balance. Your VISA statement will show the cost of each month's insurance payment and will be automatically added to your bill.

For more information call or stop in any of our offices.

No-Cost Travel Accident Insurance 

Eligible cardholders, their spouse, dependent children and any authorized user of the account will be automatically insured against accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing while traveling on a trip that was booked with your ServU Visa Credit Card. This insurance is provided free of charge to members.

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