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We offer loans for more than just cars and homes!

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Collateral Loans

  • Any loan that is secured by personal property, such as tractors, ATVs, personal watercrafts and snowmobiles.
  • May finance up to 100% of Collateral Value PLUS Sales Tax
  • Financing available up to 10 years
  • Requirements
  • Must provide a copy of the purchase agreement
  • If you are purchasing from an individual then you must submit an appraisal indicating the value
    of the collateral along with a copy of the title (if applicable)
  • Must maintain full insurance coverage on the collateral with ServU listed as the lien holder

Home Improvement Loans Put on a new addition or fix that leaky roof. Invest in more insulation or add a new heating and cooling system. Replace faded siding and inefficient windows. Get that new garage, deck or porch and re-Invest in your home with a Home Improvement Loan.

Home Improvement Loans are available for up to $15,000 per member.
  • Proceeds of the loan must be used for home improvements
  • Member must be a home owner
  • The Home Improvement loan is an unsecured loan. A lien WILL NOT be placed against the property.
  • New money only

Share Secured Loans Are you a first-time borrower? Are you looking to re-establish your credit? Do you want/need to make a purchase, but don't want to deplete your savings?

With a share secured loan, you can borrow against your ServU savings account. We will hold the amount that you borrow and as you pay it back, the funds become available. Plus, you will continue to earn dividends on your savings account, thus reducing your loan rate. At the end of the loan you have not only what you purchased, but also the funds in your account!
  • Quick approval and processing
  • Allows you to maintain your savings account with the Credit Union
  • Continue to earn dividends on your savings account
  • Low Rates Available