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No stamps…No envelopes…No hassles!

Online Bill Pay is a FREE SERVICE that allows you to pay bills online. The money is deducted from your Share Draft Checking account or your Debit Card Clearing account, and sent to the payee. As always you receive free overdraft protection from your savings account when a Share Draft Checking account is used (does not apply to debit card clearing accounts).

How it Works:

  • Sign up for Bill Pay Service
  • Enter payee information
  • Choose the due date you want your bill paid
  • Specify whether it is a one-time payment or recurring payments
  • Select the account you want to fund the payment from
  • The money is deducted from your account and the payment is sent electronically (if possible), or by a paper check *
  • That’s it! Now you can track the status of your payments any time by logging into your Online Banking account

How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

You can enroll in Bill Pay once you are signed up for Online Banking. To be eligible for Bill Pay you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a Share Draft Checking account or Debit Card Clearing account.
  • Be in good standing at ServU.

Bill Pay service can be canceled due to inactivity.

You may re-enroll for Bill Pay at any time by signing up for bill pay again.  

*Clearing time is dependent on the type of transaction. Electronic payments are pulled from your account on the due date you select when setting up the payment. Check payments must be received by the vendor and processed for the funds to pull from your account. It is processed as though you wrote the check and sent it yourself.

Our Member Services representatives can help you if you have a question about a share draft checking account. Please contact us with your questions!