Coming soon to Online Banking...

On February 6, 2018, FinanceWorks will be replaced with new and improved personal finance software called Money Management. The new program will provide all of your favorite features from FinanceWorks, as well as these new features:

Debt Payoff Calculator - View your debts and build a plan to pay them off. You may include debts from other financial institutions as well.

Goals - Set financial goals and determine the amount that needs to be saved each month to reach your goal.

Budgeting - An easy to read budget tool that categorizes and helps keep track of your monthly spending.

IMPORTANT TAX WATCH INFORMATION: If you categorize your transactions, this information will not carry over to the new software. Money Management will categorize your transactions with its own categories. If you use the categorization feature for tax or budgeting purposes, you may want to save your data from FinanceWorks now, before the move to Money Management. We have more information on how to download your TaxWatch information at this link (this will open a PDF). After the move, you may need to go back through your transaction history and reassign appropriate categories.

If you use the "outside accounts" feature, you will have to provide the username and password for each outside account to link them with the new program. These are the usernames and passwords you would use when logging in to the website of the outside account.

Up to eighteen months of transaction history will carry over from FinanceWorks. This information will be re-categorized using the Money Management categories. You may adjust these at any time.

If you set up "alerts" within FinanceWorks, they will not carry over. You will need to set up new alerts in the Money Management program.